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Product Image Pow Surf Bracket Kit

Pow Surf Bracket Kit

The CFR Snowboard/Pow surf bracket is a result of a direct collaboration with Jeremy Jensen at Grassroots pows surfing and CFR. Jeremy needed a rack on his snowmobile to carry his Pow surfers or snowboards. If you want to carry your Pow surfer or snowboard on your snowmobile this is the bracket for you.

Product Specs

  • Professionally used and approved by Grassroots Founder Jeremy Jensen
  • Light weight Nylon parts are infused with resin that makes them extremely strong and can handle -100 degree cold temps
  • Injected molded straps that wont break in the cold but will break in severe roll overs to prevent damage
  • Ratchets and Ladders are custom made for superior ratcheting capabilities
  • All mounting Hardware included is made from Super strong and rust free high grade stainless steel.
  • Carries one snowboard or Pow Surf board.
  • Specifically designed to be fastened to CFR D, DD, i and Mountain rack
  • Proudly made in Canada