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About Us

CFR was started in 1999 by dedicated shredder Dave Basterrechea. Dave started snowboarding in 1987 and was instantly hooked. Snowboarding took Dave all over the world competing and filming until he landed in Whistler, BC in 1997.

Dave started using snowmobiles to get into the backcountry to go snowboarding that year and quickly realized that snowmobiles were the best tool for accessing the endless terrain of the Coast Mountains. At the time, carrying your snowboard in your back pack was the only way to carry your snowboard but Dave felt that carrying his snowboard this way hampered your snowmobiling, especially when tandeming up with another person. Dave built a prototype snowboard rack for his snowmobile in the summer of 1999 and began testing that winter. The design worked! He soon realized that skiers needed racks to carry their skis and poles as well so in 2000 Dave built his first ski rack and CFR launched the first commercially available ski and snowboard rack for snowmobiles.

In 2011 Dave was not happy with the stock handlebars on his snowmobile. They bent too easily and he couldn't find the sweet spot on them. After trying all of the other handlebars on the market he decided to design his own. This started the snowmobile control division of CFR. With feedback from all of his team riders a line of signature bars and the flagship Boondocker bar were born. We are now ten years deep and we continue tweaking bends, rise and widths with feedback from the heaviest pro team in the industry. Our quest for the perfect handlebar will never end. 

All of the products have been tested in some of the most demanding conditions by snowmobilers, skiers and snowboarders. Bumped out icy trails in the morning and accidental rollovers with hundreds of hours getting used and abused. CFR products are built to last.