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Product Image KESTERKE Bar


We are beyond excited to introduce the new Kesterke Signature bar, Caleb’s dedication and passion continues to push the sport of snowmobiling and his new bar is a reflection of that passion, with no detail overlooked in the pursuit of progression.

Caleb's aggressive riding style required the strongest bar possible so we started by making it oversized 1 1/8" out of 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum.

The width of a handlebar determines the stability and flickablity, too wide will feel slow and sluggish and too narrow will be unstable and sketchy. The 29" width Caleb chose gives the best combination of both quickness and stability.

The hand-to-handlebar connection is one of the most important and overlooked things when snowmobiling. The thinner the grip area, the better the connection and control.

Using thin gloves and no hand warmers is one way to allow for a small diameter grip area but cold hands can ruin your day. The Kesterke Signature bars feature our new Smaller Diameter Grip, tapering by 2mm at the grip area so grip heaters and grips can still be used while retaining a narrow grip feel.

The 1" rise of the CK handlebar gives you just the right amount of flex in the bar and allows all of your controls to fit. Slap on one of the best graphics packages in the lineup and boom, there ya go.

We can't wait to see what Caleb does next year riding his next-generation CFR handlebar.

Product Specs

  • Oversized 1 1/8" clamping area
  • SDG - Small Diameter Grip
  • 1" Rise
  • 7 degree upward bend
  • 12 degree pull back
  • 40 degree downward bend j-hooks
  • 29" width
  • QR technology 
  • Made from 7075 heat-treated super aluminum with flex technology
  • Strong, lightweight and built to last

Important Notes

SDG Bars are only compatible with Signature Grips

A 7/8" to 1 1/8" Oversize Adapter or Knucks Riser may be needed depending on the riser you currently have.

Bar Pads not included.